Sunday, 14 November 2010

Final Images

These set of images go together to represent not only celebration but also 'setting you heart free' - from heart disease. I chose these perticular images as I thought they worked quite well together out of the selection I had.

Editing on Photoshop 

Above are two screen shots i took whilst editing my photos on Photoshop. I used most of the same tools and steps to edit all my images. I started by selecting the ballon using the 'quick selection' tool and then used the 'inverse' option which changes the selection from everything but the ballon. I then reduced the saturation to get the muted look i was going for. I finally adjusted the curve levels which gave the images some darker tones which i thought looked quite effective.

Gina Flynn
size : 8/10
shoe size : 7 

I decided to choose my friend Gina as my model as I knew having previous modelling experience she would be comfortable around the camera as well as me which I think is always an advantage. 
Another blog i just came across and found quite useful whilst scouring across the internet looking at research is :
It contains some interesting / bazaar images involving balloons.

 This image helped me decide that I want my model wearing a white dress in my photo shoot. I don't want anything fancy. something simple - less is more in my eyes. I also like the way the dress in this image blows in the wind , something like that could be really quite effective.

I really like the idea of this , simple yet effective.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Inspiring Location Shoots

Corrine Day is one photographer in particular who's location work i really admire. She tends to use the same lighting , colours and tones in most of her images which i think is one of the reasons they are so effective along with the edgy beautiful locations they are shot in.

 The Girl From Oz 2005 , Vogue UK.
The Girl From Oz 2005 , Vogue UK.

 Glastonbury 2005 , Vogue UK.
Glastonbury 2005 , Vogue UK.
Glastonbury 2005 , Vogue UK.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

British photographer Tim Walker is one of my favourite photographers of all time. He is famous for creating eye catching images that stand out because of their dreamy fairytale atmosphere. His photographs are described by many as ‘magical’.

A lot of Tim’s work involves balloons so I thought he would be someone really good to research for inspiration and ideas. Since looking at some of his beautiful location shots I have decided that I would like to shoot my photographs on a location for example in a park rather than in a studio or indoors.

There are a lot of pastel colours seen in Tim’s photos which I think just adds to the effectiveness of them and especially ties in quite nicely with the sort of magical fantasy theme you see portrayed in a lot of his work. I would love to add similar elements to my own work.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Ive chosen a model , I have an idea and know what sort of look I'm aiming for , I have decided what my model will be wearing and I know where I am taking my photos all thats left to do now is to buy my props (red helium ballons - Clinton Cards) and take my photographs which I have planned to do tomorrow - Lets pray the rain stays away!